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Most Beautiful Baby Contest : Baby Due Date Calculator Ovulation.

Most Beautiful Baby Contest

most beautiful baby contest

the summer of the calves

the summer of the calves


All summer Paul and I have been rehearsing our part in a lip sync contest for the annual harvest fest in our town later this month. Our neighborhood always participates and last year we even won the first prize!;-) It's nice to see all our neighbors every week and try to put our show together. We have a large group of people and learn our steps in a big barn on the yard of a dairy farm owned by one of our neighbors.
I love to go there, I love cows and always have a talk with the ladies before we begin, but one thing I hate to see are the new born calves who are taken away from their mothers a few minutes after they are born and put inside a little hut all by them selves.
New in the world and left alone with a bucket of milk with a rubber teat attached to it. Disorientated and frightened. It breaks my heart every time because almost every week new calves are being born.

I don't really blame the farmers, they care for their animals and the ladies don't lack anything, it's the reality of modern day dairy farms. If the cows don't give birth to a calf they won't produce milk. If the cows don't give milk, we won't have dairy products.

Past Friday I had to run some errands when I drove past a farm in the area. A cow had just given birth to twins in a small field on the side of the road a few moments earlier, I had just missed the delivery. She was cleaning the calves with assistance from an another cow. The calves were still wet and helpless but both mothers gave them the attention and care they needed. I sat there for half an hour with a lump in my throat watching their natural behaviour, it was heart warming and beautiful.

I didn't see the farmer but he must have known the calves were due to be born, I don't know if these kids are allowed to stay with their mom. I didn't wait, I didn't want to know but I suspect that they too are destined to be separated from their mother, because that's the way things go on most farms.
At least these two felt love and affection right after they came into the world, but maybe it's even harder for them to be taken away after a few hours. I don't even want to think about what it must be like for the mother cows...

I've not made up my mind about giving up dairy products yet but I think I might. I don't want to keep feeling guilty while it is because of our need for milk that these kids don't receive the love they deserve and yearn for.

I don't mean to judge anyone or force anyone to change, it's not my nature and I'm not an activist, I just had to get this off my chest.

 born born

January around 11 ish late at night......Della delivered a little girl.

I did not see her until today but the guys did. She was still wet last night when they saw her. She is going to look just like her Mama.

Needless to say, today I went up on the goathill with an "empty" memory card on my camera. When I left, I had completely filled a 512 MB memory card.

I did take a few photos of Sparky, the horse and naturally Barney needed his photo taken.....this time chewing on my fingers and sucking on my thumb. He's been in a strange mood lately....but if it makes him happy.....what's a few nibbles ??

This is how I spent most of my time.....sitting on a white bench that is used for milking. My Dad actually built the white bench when "I" was a little girl and it was just sitting around my house not getting used at all. A good way to "keep my Dad" with me......and put his "benchmaking" handywork to some good use.

Little "Flossie" got her name because when her Mama, Della, came to live up on goathill......she came with her sister, Flossie. The goats would all go out in the fields and graze on the beautiful wildflowers, grasses and whatever yummy things they found in the fields. One day Flossie disappeared. I tramped woods after woods looking for her....and nothing.

I thought it fitting that this little baby be named in "memory" of Della's sister, Flossie. If she were still around, she would be an Aunt to this adorable little baby. Della and her sister, Flossie looked identical. It was hard to tell them apart.

I hope Flossie has a long and happy life.......with her Mama, Della.....the guys......all the rest of the goats.....the cats......Sparky, the horse.........and me.

# 1 ( Della ) Valentine, Bambi, Tinkie, Bella, Horny, Shit Stain, Becky, Betty and Bari to go...........and the contest continues to see who goes next.

most beautiful baby contest

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