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Star Wars Baby Bedding

star wars baby bedding

star wars baby bedding - Cars Decorative

Cars Decorative Pillow

Cars Decorative Pillow

This Disney Pixar Cars Decorative pillow is perfect for your little kids who needs her sleep!! The pillow is extra soft and comfortable because of the pillows filling. The filling is 100% Polyester fibers for the most comfort and neck support possible. Perfect for long trips or even the a plane ride, the Disney Cars Pillow is perfect when you're on the road. The pillow is a beautiful blue color and features image of the Disney Cars on the pillow !! Now you can take Disney Pixar Cars wherever you want with this wonderful pillow.

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10 Facts.

10 Facts.

AH-HAH! Here's a life lesson, kids... always keep your outtakes. Just in case you get tagged. Again. And need a selfie to accompany your amazing 10 facts. ;)

1. I don't know anyone who dates as little as I do. Truth is, I can't see the point of being with someone just for the sake of not being alone. It's... stupid, I guess. Dating is just too much work, it takes time and dedication... so I won't dive into it with just about anyone who catches my fancy. If I'm going to give Him or Her my all, I want Him or Her to be worth it.

2. When I was about 10 or 11, I caught a Cosmo magazine around the house with an article on redheads, and I clearly remember being completely fascinated by everything these people had been through, from the simplest bullying to witch hunts. Turning 15, I dyed my hair red. It completely changed the way people acted towards me.

3. Now some numbers. I'm 167 cm tall (about 5'5), weight 50kg (110 pounds), was born on the 26th of February 1992, have an IQ of 136, started school at 5 years old, ended up graduating high school with 18,6 (from 0 to 20).

4. Catholicism was shoved down my throat when I was a kid but I never really understood it. I don't believe in God. The only reason I even capitalise His name is a certain degree of respect for those who do.

5. I'm good at a lot of things but not particularly fantastic at any of them. A psychologist was the first to notice after some intelligence tests, and gladly informed me that I could be "whatever I wanted". I remember crying because I wanted real guidance, none of that "the world is your oyster" bullshit. I've recently come to realise he was completely right.

6. I love video games but happen to be completely lousy at all of them. My 12-year old sister has beat me to everything we've ever played together. Mostly because I'd rather chase style points, hammer all the buttons at once and pull amazing combos than actually kill the boss. I guess that's a pretty good description of my attitude in real life as well.

7. I actually like crying. I'm a total cry baby in any slightly emotional situation (although I'm also surprisingly good at hiding them tears), pretty much tear up at every film I watch (Star Wars included), and enjoy crying myself to sleep (along with some really sad tunes) more than any sane person should.

8. I'm not entirely sure I'd like me if I met me. I'd probably find me obnoxious, a bit of a poser, annoyingly careless, and an unbearable know-it-all in some subjects.

9. Horror movies are one of my favorite things on the planet. I love being afraid of stepping out on the corridor to fetch some cookies from the kitchen, I love looking under the bed, I love the racing heartbeats and the sudden noises I start hearing everywhere. Surprisingly, watching them with Sunday (aka ex-boyfriend and past, present and future best friend) rends no result. Mostly because of our collective genre savvyness.

10. I just wasted nearly and hour writing this when I should be novelling. Oh well. Guess the angels will have to wait.

Bun in the Oven, no make that 2!

Bun in the Oven, no make that 2!

Ok, what I wanna know is this: with all of the super advanced technology they possess in the Star Wars Galaxy, how come nobody could tell she was carrying twins until she's about to give birth? Did Padme miss all her appointments with her 21-B medical droid? Forget technology for a minute, a better question is how come all the Jedi this lady hangs out with couldn't sense this? Especially Anakin who is supposed to be the most powerful of them all and is her HUSBAND? In Episode 2 he tells Obi-Wan he can sense everything going on in Padme's bedroom (sigh, how often have I wished that I could sense everything going on in Natalie Portmans bedroom!) when he's standing in her living room, but the dude can't sense that there are 2 babies growing in there when he's shacking up with her in the same bed every night? Yet it's obvious that Vader doesn't even know he has another kid until he reads it from Luke's mind in Return of the Jedi. And what about Obi-wan and Yoda, also some pretty darned powerful Jedi, who happen to be the ones who bring her to hospital, yet they act all shocked when they're told she has twins? If the force is supposed be a field that connects all living things and Luke and Leia are so strong in it, you'd think the guys whose entire job is to connect with the force all the time ( and can sense someone's death or pain from thousands of light years away) would have more of a clue about the situation with the twins that are inside someone's body a few feet away from them!

star wars baby bedding

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