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Bonding With Baby After Birth - Baby Tiger Cat.

Bonding With Baby After Birth

bonding with baby after birth

bonding with baby after birth - AbdoMend C

AbdoMend C Section Recovery Kit Medium

AbdoMend C Section Recovery Kit Medium

AbdoMend offers quality products for your complete postpartum recovery whether itOs a cesarean, vaginal birth, or even abdominal surgery. The cotton Bikini belt can be worn immediately after a C-Section or during pregnancy. The Bikini belt and strap offer comfortable support to both lower back and tummy to help you get out of bed with less pain after surgery. Make sure you purchase a belt for post delivery if you want to wear one for pregnancy support, as the material can stretch over time.E Our unique support strap can be worn across the front or back as desired for maximum support. Women use this belt for about a month or two depending on their situation. The Abdomend massage guide DVD offers gentle techniques so you can have a soft, flat and adhesion free scar. Use the skin brush as part of the AbdoMend system to reduce ingrown hairs and decrease swelling by stimulating the lymphatic system.

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I was 28 weeks into a seemingly normal pregnancy when a routine visit to the midwife caused alarm as my blood pressure was quite high. I was taken into my local hospital in Ashford and monitored. I stayed in for 4 days and was given medication to control my blood pressure. I was allowed home for the weekend on condition I had alot of rest. I returned on the Monday and when checked my blood pressure was even higher and increasing. I was put on immediate bed rest and a different medication but was told all was well and I would probably have to spend the next couple of months in hospital.
Later that night a nurse put a trace on my baby and she became so concerned that a doctor was called and before I knew it I was being wheeled to theatre for an emergency cesarean under general anaesthetic. Not quite the water birth I had planned!! It was very frightening and my husband was told that there was only a 30% chance our little one would make it. Flynn was born weighing 2lb 2oz and was rushed to the neonatal ward to be stabilised and then they would drive him to the nearest hospital with an intensive care bed which luckily was only half an hour away. My husband followed the ambulance and my mum stayed with me. I was just in shock at that point and didn't see my son until 3 days later when my mum had to drive me to the hospital as no ambulance was available to take me.
When I saw him I really thought there was no way he would survive. I had never seen anything so small and the intensive care ward is just that, a very intense place. Lots of noise and staff busy keeping these precious lives safe. I was very frightened and felt I was getting in their way. There was little I could do for my son at that time and I felt useless and could not bond with this red scrap in the plastic box. He was ventilated for only five days and didn't need Cpap which made a big difference and he was a fighter from the start. He would pull out tubes so they put mittens on him but he would put them in his mouth and pull them off! I was finally able to hold him when he was a week old but he looked a bit like ET with his red SATS monitor on his hand!! It was only then I could really start to bond with him and I would sit by the incubator for hours just willing him to get stronger and better. Every day another milestone was reached, he would come off a medication or a tube would come out. I would attend every morning when the doctors would stand around and assess his care, willing them to tell me good news. After two weeks he was discharged from intensive care and allowed to travel back to Ashford where we would spend the next 8 weeks feeding him and weighing him, hoping to get him home in time for Christmas. He needed a blood transfusion at 9 weeks old as he wasn't feeding and was sleeping constantly but once he had that it was a different child, we could finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.
Suddenly though I realised i didn't want him to leave the hospital, he was safe there, his breathing monitored constantly, the temperature constant, qualified nurses and doctors close by, I was petrified at the thought of leaving our new home!
Flynn came home on the 22nd December 2003 just in time for Christmas as I had hoped!
Once we had settled in at home and our phone calls to the hospital were less frequent, we would check if we were doing everything right, it eventually felt like we were a family but it has taken me a very long time to come to terms with what happened to us and it is something only those who have experienced it can know. Having a premature baby is an ongoing experience, you constantly worry if what they went through will affect them later in life. Thankfully Flynn is a healthy, happy child and seems to have suffered no long term damage but it is something I would wish no-one should go through. We urgently need more research into why we have such high rates of premature birth and also better aftercare for mothers. My health visitor seemed to know little about prem babies or where to direct me. She should have got me in contact with other mums that had had a similar experience. I need to make something positive come out of my experience, if I can help others then it will help me come to terms with it.

Meet Minnie Mouse ( with attitude!) .....the "Darling" of the Nursery..

Meet Minnie Mouse ( with attitude!)                        .....the "Darling" of the Nursery..

She is, without a doubt, the sweetest little animal I have ever seen. She was born to a Heifer...a first time Mom who didn't know or understand what this adorable little black thing was, never mind that she was supposed to lick her, nurse her, Mother her, or bond with her. The first time I saw her, not long after her birth, she was lying on the floor in the Vet Room (so she could be fed and kept warm as it was very cold outside) and I thought oh my gosh she is so tiny, how can she survive without her Momma. I was surprised when she tried to stand up...she looked like a know "Weebles Wobble but they don't fall down"...except she fell...again and again...

Gordon and Wayne stood her up...Wayne held her and Gordon stuck a bottle of milk in her mouth...took her a minute to realize what it was...and then she guzzled a difference that made....I don't believe this little one would have made it if she hadn't gotten so much love from everyone.....she was born a twin...but her little brother didn't survive....sadness for him but great joy for her. My son Gordon, his wife Deona, Nevada and Colby just love all their animals so much....Deona and the kids kiss and hug everyone...they are so dedicated...I am glad they are experiencing all these great things in their life.

A day or so after Minnie's birth, a little bull calf who had been born a few weeks earlier and had major health issues since very sad.....Gordon and Deona decided to see If his Momma would adopt Minnie...they were both flabbergasted when she accepted her immediately...Minnie had a Momma!

So yesterday I went to Willow Springs Ranch to spend the day in the Nursery with all the new Mommas and their adorable babies. The Nursery is a pasture below the house where all the new calves and their Mommas are so they can all be together, away from everyone else, and easier to keep an eye on. What a time I had. Miss Minnie Mouse or Minnie Moo as I call her is certainly everyone's Darling....she ran from one calf to another licking them, butting them..she had a great time. The thing that surprised me the most was she went from one Momma to another grabbing a snack any time she wanted one...she didn't care if it was her Momma or not....the Mommas didn't care either...they let her suck!! I was truly amazed....usually cows will kick other calves away....but like I said...she's everybody's Darling! I had a wonderful day in the Nursery....can't wait to go again.
Minnie is a Registered Black Angus...her ear tag is almost bigger than she is.
T08 is her Daddy's number and T10 is her birth Momma..the yellow tag is an ID #...
W03 is her number...she was the 3rd calf born in 2009
(sorry for the long story...didn't realize it was so long)

Explore #367 January 16 2009

Willow Springs Ranch
British Columbia Canada

bonding with baby after birth

bonding with baby after birth

Bonding: Building The Foundations Of Secure Attachment And Independence

The mighty bond between parent and child is one of the enduring wonders of psychology. John Kennell and Marshall and Phyllis Klaus bring decades of research, insight, and clinical practice into one book that offers parents, and those who care for them during pregnancy, everything they need to know to enhance this essential relationship. This important work explores the effects of various birth practices and situations?prenatal testing, labor support, testing of newborns, breast feeding, prematurity, and adoption?on the parents’ feelings and on the development of later attachment and independence.

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