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Dual Room Baby Monitors

dual room baby monitors

dual room baby monitors - Interference Free

Interference Free 2 Camera Auto Switching Digital Monitor From Safe Baby. Auto Switching with 8 Camera Capability

Interference Free 2 Camera Auto Switching Digital Monitor From Safe Baby. Auto Switching with 8 Camera Capability

With The Home Sentry you can see and hear your baby without the frustration of noisy static, a drifting picture, an unreliable audio signal, or the risk of your signal drifting into neighbors' homes. It is a baby monitor that works! And, it will work with multiple cameras which automatically switch from room to room with the switching time set through the on- screen menu. The Home Sentry is a lightweight, affordable digital system that includes the following: two wireless cameras and one wireless 2.4-inch TFT LCD color monitor. This is an ideal portable system for baby, elder or patient care, as well security monitoring. Key Benefits include: --over 250 frequency-hopping sequences to minimize interference and protect privacy -- Portable cameras and monitor (w/ rechargeable batteries) --Infrared night vision technology---Adjustable volume level-- Auto camera exposure-- Video timeout to save energy--Signal strength indicator--Dynamic audio-signal strength indicator--Two transmission Modes: Audio & Video or Audio Only-- Sleep mode with Voice Activation (VOX)--Up to 5 alarm settings)--Both camera and monitor work with 3 different power sources; A/C adapter, Computer USB port or 3.7 V Li-ion battery (adapters & batteries included with the system)-Camera can be wall-mounted or set on tabletop--8 Infra-red LEDs for night-vision--Noise-filtering microphone--Manual swivel camera up/down and left/right-- MONITOR: Hand-held, belt-clip or tabletop options-- On-Screen Menu Display--Digital Clock w/ up to 5 alarm settings (e.g. for feeding/medicine reminder) --Built in speaker. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: Supply Voltage: 5 V DC adapter, computer-- USB port or 3.7 V Li-ion battery Transmission-- Frequency: 2.4 GHz (ISM band)-- Video Encoding/Decoding: MPEG4 Audio Encoding/Decoding;Battery Usage:3 hrs (camera) 3 hrs (monitor) continuous use- 4-6 hrs (with power save on) Typical indoor range-up to 200 feet

89% (19)

Achtung Baby! - VW Golf GTI

Achtung Baby! - VW Golf GTI

The fifth generation Golf GTI is all things to all men

By Tushal Bhadang

Volkswagen (VW) launched the first Mark I Golf GTI way back in 1974 as a 2-door hatch and was an instant hit because it offered more value for money and went faster than most other sports cars of that time. Over the years it became bigger, bulkier and slower. But the new Mark V GTI is in a league of its own. VW have paid attention to details, even today, the honeycomb front radiator grille on the car has a subtle line of red lip gloss making it beautiful enough to be recognised. The well rounded corners and flared wheel arches are anything but over aggressive. Our test car was 4-door Lemon yellow coloured chic magnet.

All the important sporting details are there but so subtly that it doesn’t attract undue attention. The brake callipers for instance are sporty red in colour, bi-xenon headlamps and low mounted fog lamps light up the road adequately (you can even program them to stay on for longer after you lock the car). You can take the GTI to a hotel and expect the concierge to open the door for you.

The true spirit of the GTI has returned with double the power compared to the first version. It develops 200 bhp from a 2 litre, 4 cylinder turbocharged petrol engine. There is usable power throughout the rev range and the torque at 280 Nm @ 1800-5000 RPM is a shot in the arm that keeps you bolted to your seat as it accelerates to 100 kph in 6.9 seconds! Usually car equipped with turbochargers have turbo lag (within a turbocharger's operating range, lag is the delay between the instant a car's accelerator is depressed and the time the turbocharged engine develops a large fraction of the power boost). The GTI has little to none of it from speeds as low as 50 kph in 6th gear it just charges ahead.

Mated to 6-speed DSG (double clutch gear) gearbox from Audi the transmission is smooth as silk. And it also has tip-tronic shift with sport mode and F1 style paddle shift on the steering wheel. The GTI has the puppy dog enthusiasm to take the corners tighter and faster. It happily swings its tail out if pushed harder despite being a front wheel drive car. Unlike SUV’s it won’t drink up a litre of fuel as you park the car. Its fuel efficiency and performance are both award winning. It rides low but weighs only 1380 kilograms.

Sports cars usually have a stiffer suspension, it aids handling. The GTI’s all independent suspension package; McPherson front axle with anti-roll bars with wide track and 4-link rear axle assures dynamic performance especially on sharp bends. The ride is firm but comfortable. Our test car even came with a tyre pressure monitoring system.

The interiors are German dull black with red and blue backlit dials. The model we tested had a sunroof, heated leather seats (with GTI embossing), 6-disc CD changer, dual-zone climate control (with rear cooling vents), a multi function trip computer with controls on the steering wheel (contoured and clad in perforated leather) and to top it off — cruise control. The door panels, knobs and switches are good to touch and look like they’ll last a lifetime. It has a cooled glove box, rear seat armrest and enough leg-room in the rear for those less than six feet.

The GTI rides on wide 225/40R18 tyres with Detroit 5-spoke alloy wheels, disc brakes all around provide excellent stopping power and safety aids like ESP, ABS, EBD are highly effective. Additionally, there are ten airbags in the car and it has been awarded a 5-star EuroNCAP safety rating.

Last word

The Golf GTI may be a small car; its boot is big enough for your dog to play around in, with the seats down it large enough to move your desk. It’s a safe car; something even women will enjoy driving. The GTI does everything you could possibly want from a car. You can take your children to school comfortably, practically, safely and then on the way to work, you can give it some stick and go bonkers! The engine has a lovely rasp as the revs climb, it redlines at the blink of an eye and we enjoyed the orchestra. In its 2-door version, it becomes better suited to a newly wed couple. We’re actually pressing hard to find faults with this car; Guess the only thing we can complain about is the lack of cup holders. Buying this car over SUVs would do the world some good.

Rating 5/5

Car supplied by Behbehani Brothers, Kingdom of Bahrain.



Shown in the picture is my P4 3.0GHz workstation, on the floor. It powers dual 22" monitors that give me tons of real-estate for surfing the-gadgeteer and other tech-gadget websites.

Not shown, but powering the dual MAC LCDs, is my G4 Quicksilver 867MHz workstation. I simply love MAC OSX. Also shown, MAC related, is my baby; a 15.4" TiBook. By far the best laptop I have ever owned...and I have owned many makes/models of laptops.

The dual keyboards obviously run each OS separately and the MAC kb is wireless, so I can move it out of the way when I game:)

Not shown as well is my Palm T3 PDA, Compaq Tablet PC, Epson 960 printer and 24-port switch than runs cable to each and every room in the house.

I guess my work-area could be tidier, but I know where everything is at arms' reach and my wife dare not clean it up!!

dual room baby monitors

dual room baby monitors

Uniden TRU8866 5.8 GHz Digital Expandable 2-Line Cordless Speakerphone with Dual Keypads (Black)

Perfect for your home office, this functional phone offers a two-line operation. With a subscription through your local telephone company, you can access two separate phone liens.
5.8 Digital Expandable System
10 Handset Maximum Expandability - Compatible with TCX860 Handset
Caller ID/Call Waiting Deluxe (subscribe through your local telephone company)
Base Keypad
Handset Speakerphone and Base Duplex Speakerphone
100 Handset/100 Base Programmable Caller ID/Memory Locations
"Do Not Disturb" Setting
5-Way Conferencing
DirectLink Mode for 2-Way Radio Communication
Mute and Hold Function
Alphabetical Search
Transfer Memory Locations Between Handsets
Voice Mail Indicator
Intercom or Call Transfer Between Handsets
20 Distinctive Ring Options (10 Melodies and 10 Ring Tones)
10 Speed Dial Locations at Base
Headset Compatible - Allows for an optional headset to be connected for convenient hands-free operation
Trilingual Menu Displays and Voice Prompts
Find Lost Handset Key
Wall Mountable
Belt Clip Included
NiMH Battery Pack

The Uniden TRU8866 cordless phone system offers an attractive bundle of features with room to grow. 5.8 GHz digital signal transmission offers increased call clarity and security while the impressive caller ID capabilities ensure that you'll never miss a call or lose an important number. Plus, a duplex speakerphone in the base and a standard speakerphone in the handset provide hands-free conversation options.
Housed in a professional-looking, no-nonsense black case, the phone's memory is shared between the caller ID log and the programmable memory dialing--100 names and numbers in the handset, and 100 more in the base unit. You can locate numbers using a alphabetic search tool similar to that of a typical cell phone, and the most commonly dialed numbers can be assigned to 10 speed dial presets accessed on the base unit.
The TRU8866 offers room to grow. It's expandable to 10 handsets (model #TCX860, one included). With additional handsets, you can transfer calls, transfer memory locations, and even use them as an intercom around the house or as a room monitoring system (baby monitor).
Additional features include conferencing, trilingual menu display options, distinctive ring tones, mute, hold, redial, and headset compatibility (headset sold separately). Even with additional handsets, the TRU8866 requires just one phone jack. Simply plug the base unit into a phone jack, and the additional handsets will configure themselves to "talk" directly with the base unit.
What's in the Box
TRU8866 (base unit and handset), phone line cord, AC power adapter, NiMH battery, battery cover, belt clip, user guide, warranty information

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