Babies for kids. Winnie the pooh decorations for baby shower.


Babies for kids. Winnie the pooh decorations for baby shower.

Babies For Kids

babies for kids

Shopping for KIDS

Shopping for KIDS

can be a fantastic experience ... and I love shopping for kids, whether it be these beginner's books, cute accessories, food, and all those things that are BABYISH ...!

seeing your nephews and niece growing up ; Ii think I'm already quite trained; knowing almost every tip attached to kids ... !

Kids are undoubtedly the most beautiful beings in this world ... I just feel like kissing any baby that I see or at least waving if they're passing by or giving smiles ...!

Interestingly, kids a s awhole are cute, abb chahay woh insaan kay ho yaaa khotay kay ... kasmay ... they're born to be cute :-)

*Pic dedicated to the loved ones in ma life*

baby fest @ home, pune

baby fest @ home, pune

had some friends over for dinner last week, there were 5 kids in all, it was hilarious to watch. our shoe rack became a secret kiddie zone... of the no-adults-allowed type, and all the kids were surprisingly on their best behaviour, even the pre-toddlers.

i was secretly thanking god that aku did not get possessive about his toys.

maybe i should open a playschool? aku seems to love the company.

babies for kids

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